Semarchy xDI 2023.1.16 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.16.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.16, Amazon, AMQP, Base, Elasticsearch, Google BigQuery, Hadoop, Kafka, Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Parquet, Salesforce, SAP, Snowflake, Stored Procedure, Teradata).

Bug fixes

  • DI-5962: Process action *TOOL Ldap Extractor(search)*: fixed an issue that inserted a blank line after the header, when header generation and table truncation were both switched on.
  • DI-7668: Guava third-party library upgrade.
  • DI-8563: Updated Apache Ivy third-party libraries.
  • DI-8744: Updated snappy third-party libraries.
  • DI-9282: Fixed an issue with the metadata search dialog which prevented categories from appearing.
  • DI-9286: Template *INTEGRATION BigQuery*: fixed an issue preventing the template from doing stricter error handling.
  • DI-9287: Template *Load Rdbms to BigQuery*: fixed an issue that prevented {di-product-name-short} from loading the CDC_CHANGE_TYPE column.
  • DI-9520: Template *Receive SAP data WS* (deprecated): fixed template visibility to other internal resources.
  • DI-9614: Template *LOAD Rdbms to Teradata*: added TIME datatype conversion.
  • DI-9615: Template *LOAD Rdbms to Teradata*: fixed an issue preventing {di-product-name-short} from loading data from a source CDC table.
  • DI-9664: Updated Apache ZooKeeper third-party libraries.
  • DI-9732: Fixed an issue where deleting projects did not actually remove all their files on disk.
  • DI-9734: Update main component libraries to the latest versions.
  • DI-9773: Updated bouncycastle third-party libraries.
  • DI-9788: Updated Joda Time third-party libraries.
  • DI-9871: Process action *Replicator Salesforce to Rdbms*: fixed an issue causing the action to run infinitely when Bulk Mode is enabled.
  • DI-9891: Fixed an issue that stopped scripting actions from working when using a JavaScript string replace function.
  • DI-9899: Process action *Operating System Command*: fixed an issue causing a parameter to be mandatory although it should be optional.
  • DI-9902: Template *LOAD Salesforce to Hive*: Adjusted text area truncation to 65535 characters.
  • DI-9947: Template *INTEGRATION Stored Procedure*: fixed an issue causing integration failures.
  • DI-9986: Fixed an issue causing AMQP actions to run infinitely.
  • DI-10088: Updated Microsoft Azure third-party libraries.
  • DI-10117: Updated Apache Commons Configuration third-party libraries.
  • DI-10119: Updated Apache Commons Configuration third-party libraries.
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