Semarchy xDI 5.3.9 is available!

We have released today on Semarchy xDI 5.3.9 (core products + components).

You can read the release notes (5.3.9, Actian Avalanche, Base, HTTP REST, Greenplum, Microsoft Excel).

New Features

  • DI-6565: Connectors: The "COPY VWLOAD Strict Nulls" parameter has been added to  the "LOAD BigQuery to Avalanche" template. When selected, this parameter  makes a distinction between null values and empty values in BigQuery  CSV files.
  • DI-6429: Connectors: The "LOAD S3 File to GreenPlum"  template has been added to the Greenplum component. The template allows  loading files stored in the S3 bucket to Greenplum using external  tables. 
  • DI-6382: Connectors: The "Outgoing Server (SMPTP)" and  "Incoming Account" nodes in the email metadata now support Microsoft  Outlook's modern authentication system based on a token mechanism.

Bug Fixes

  •  DI-6384: Designer: When the license server is unreachable, the tolerance  time is not taken into account. This prevents the users from working in  the Designer.
  • DI-6437: Connectors: The `joinPart`,  `groupByPart` and `havingPart` clauses are missing from the `SELECT`  BigQuery source statement.
  • DI-6436: Connectors: Existing GCS  files from a previous failed extraction job are not deleted when the job  is executed again causing data issues like duplicates or invalid data.
  • DI-6412: Connectors: The default value of the "Null Value Replacement" parameter  in the "LOAD BigQuery to Avalanche" template is _null_. Due to this,  the COPY VWLOAD command fails for date fields.
  • DI-6369: Connectors: The "Delete All Target Table" and the "Truncate Target  Table" parameters of the integration template as well as the  truncate/insert mode using the `definedName` parameter fail to overwrite  the contents of the target Microsoft Excel file.
  • DI-6358: Connectors: Cross joins generated by mappings unexpectedly use `CROSS OUTER JOIN` syntax instead of `CROSS JOIN`.
  • DI-6475: Runtime: When a mapping containing a file as a source is executed, the  source file is considered being used by the java process and remains  locked.
  • DI-6365: Runtime: In "Session Details", the "Variables" view does not displays the metadata variables.
  • DI-6564: Analytics: The analytics package manager refresh fails when the runtime has a password.
  • DI-6463: License Service: CVE-2022-42003 — Jackson third-party library upgrade.
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