xDI 5.3.5 is available!

We have released today on semarchy.com Semarchy xDI 5.3.5 (core products + components).

You can read the release notes (5.3.5, Base Component, Avro Component, Couchbase Component, HTTP REST Component, Privacy Protect Component, Vertica Component).


New Features

  • DI-5836: Connectors: Add a new generic XPath function for databases that allows generating a NULL constraint DDL.
  • DI-5741: Connectors: Improve the core RDBMS product to allow defining in technology definitions if a datatype supports the NULL or NOT NULL constraints at creation.
  • DI-5735: Connectors: Support geometry datatype.
  • DI-5460: Connectors: Add Couchbase Component.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-5829: Designer: EMF Compare: "java.lang.ClassCastException" exception raised when comparing a process/mapping with double-click.
  • DI-5793: Designer: EMF Compare: in some scenarios the merge operation fails, unexpected conflicts are detected but not visible due to a NullPointerException.
  • DI-5742: Designer: Performance issue when rendering the selective reverse-engineering page in the various wizards.
  • DI-5681: Designer: EMF Compare: "UnsupportedOperation" error is displayed when comparing a process with local history.
  • DI-5778 Designer, Runtime: From the designer, some sessions cannot be accessed when trying to view their details, with the error "Unable to find altIds in the runtime for session".
  • DI-5797: Connectors: Template - INTEGRATION Vertica - the NULL and NOT NULL clauses are unexpectedly hardcoded for the work table columns, instead of being automatically computed.
  • DI-5736: Connectors: Error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/swagger/v3/core/util/Json" when trying to reverse-engineering some Open API definitions.
  • DI-5716: Connectors: Template - INTEGRATION Vertica: Slowly Changing Dimension mode creates duplicated rows on target when the "Useless Update Detection Method" parameter is set to disable
  • DI-5715: Connectors: Template - INTEGRATION Vertica: Slowly Changing Dimension mode is not efficient and causes memory overconsumption.
  • DI-5641: Connectors: Upgrade third-party dependencies. (CVE-2022-22965 and others).
  • DI-5613: Connectors: Namespace inheritance is not handled when reading Avro files, which results in empty rows in the target datastore.
  • DI-5328: Connectors: The target tables columns are always created as nullable no matter the value of the nullable property of the source tables columns.
  • DI-5327: Connectors: The tool may run infinitely when there are empty source tables to process.
  • DI-5769: License Service: When a custom certificate is defined, the shutdown script of the license server fails with "unable to find valid certification path to requested target" error.
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