xDI 5.3.7 is available!

We have released today on semarchy.com Semarchy xDI 5.3.7 (core products + components).

You can read the release notes (5.3.7, Actian Avalanche, Base, Couchbase, HashiCorp Vault, Google Platform, Hadoop, Oracle, Salesforce, Snowflake, Vertica, xDM).

New Features

  • DI-6210: Connectors: Template - Load BigQuery to Avalanche: Support using copy  vwload command as an alternative to external tables.
  • DI-6083: Connectors: Update the templates to use the MODIFY...TO COMBINE  statement instead of CALL VECTORWISE [...] COMBINE which is deprecated.
  • DI-6308: Connectors: Google Platform: add new capabilities to retrieve the credentials programmatically.
  • DI-6021: Connectors: Add an alternative template to load a file into Oracle  through a generic JDBC method instead of specific loaders.
  • DI-5015: Connectors: Support designing and reading JSON data contained in a VARIANT column. 
  • DI-5910: Connectors: Support geography datatype.
  • DI-5984: Designer: In the Metadata editor, add a browse button on reference properties.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-5850: Connectors: The warning "WARNING_FIELDS_NOT_FOUND" is unexpectedly  displayed when mapping from a source file a field with a dash in its  name.
  • DI-6120: Connectors: When using Couchbase as source, the target Load XML to RDBMS Template doesn't load any data.
  • DI-6096: Connectors: The runtime cannot start and throws the error  "ApplicationContext must be set before accessing getBeanFactory()" when  having an HashiCorp Vault External Value Resolver configured with app  role.
  • DI-6077: Connectors: Hadoop tools are missing from the process palette.
  • DI-6020: Connectors: The "Purge Temporary Tables" parameter is missing on some Oracle templates.
  • DI-6085:  Connectors: When a DUPLICATES_DETECTED error is returned by Salesforce,  the component unexpectedly stops reading the results of the current  batch.
  • DI-6197: Connectors: Update the Snowflake JDBC driver third-party library to version 3.13.22.
  • DI-5029: Connectors: When being used with Snowflake as a target, error messages  returned by "Load Wsdl to Rdbms Template" might not be relevant to find  the real cause of the error.
  • DI-6121: Connectors: Change the program name used by the Get Load ID tool from 'Stambia' to 'Semarchy xDI'.
  • DI-6290: Designer: Unable to open a mapping containing expressions with huge nested 'case when', the designer freezes.
  • DI-6136: Designer: The "Export Models and Dependencies" feature does not include  all the related user-defined functions (UDF) metadata.
  • DI-6173: Runtime: The warning "An illegal reflective access operation has  occurred" is unexpectedly displayed at runtime startup.
  • DI-5657: License Service, Runtime: Upgrade the third-party library used to  install as a windows service (yajsw) to version 13.03.
  • DI-5949: Analytics: The Sessions, Charts, and Timeline bottom tabs are unexpectedly not displayed.
  • DI-6132: License Service: Upgrade the commons-configuration2 third-party library.
  • DI-6131: License Service: Upgrade the spring-boot third-party library.
  • DI-6073: License Service: Upgrade netty third-party library.

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