Semarchy xDI 5.3.10 is available!

We have released today on Semarchy xDI 5.3.10 (core products + components).

You can read the release notes (5.3.10, Couchbase, Oracle, Greenplum).

New Features

  • DI-6737: License Service: The error message displayed when starting the license  server with a non-compatible license file has been improved to make it  more intelligible.
  • DI-6736: Designer: The error message  displayed when starting the license server with a non-compatible offline  license file has been improved to it make more intelligible.
  • DI-6684: Connectors: The *INTEGRATION RDBMS to Couchbase (N1QL JSON Export)*  template is now available. This template extracts as the documents  returned by the N1QL query JSON files.
  • DI-6541: Connectors: The *N1QL Query* node has been added to the metadata and can be used as source in mappings.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-6746: Connectors: Unexpected incompatibility of Couchbase with Java 8.
  • DI-6707: Connectors: When creating a mapping between a file and Greenplum, the  *Load S3 File to Greenplum* template is selected by default instead of  the generic *LOAD File to Rdbms* template.
  • DI-6702: Connectors: Append mode does not work when reject control is enabled.
  • DI-6701: Designer: Passwords containing special characters are not encoded  correctly when generating OAuth2 tokens. This leads to failed  authentication.
  • DI-6508: Analytics: With an Oracle Log Database,  when a session launches more than 1000 child sessions, Analytics cannot display the child sessions.
  • DI-6236: License Service: YAJSW - Third-party library upgrade.
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