xDI 5.3.6 is available!

We have released today on semarchy.com Semarchy xDI 5.3.6 (core products + components).

You can read the release notes (5.3.6, Actian Avalanche, Base Component, Google BigQuery, Google Platform, Google Sheets, Oracle, xDM).

New Features

  • DI-6047:  Designer: Provide a dedicated metadata that contains the built-in  runtime entry within the internal resources, which replaces the  hardcoded entry previously in the preferences and related view.
  • DI-5977: Designer: Improve the function used to convert data types to support dynamic masks.
  • DI-6041: Connectors: Show detailed information about the error when a Google Big Query job fails.
  • DI-5866: Connectors: Support Microsoft Azure SQL databases.
  • DI-5839:  Connectors: Google BigQuery: add a retry mode to re-run automatically  the query when an 'internalerror' or 'jobBackendError' error message is  returned.
  • DI-5747: Connectors: Add Actian Avalanche component.
  • DI-4919: Connectors: BigQuery: Add the ability to change the location used to run queries.
  • DI-6091: Runtime: Review and improve the Runtime sessions' memory cache, to provide better performances and maintenance.
  • DI-5993: Runtime: Runtime configuration security improvements for authentication.
  • DI-5992: Runtime: Runtime configuration security improvements for networking.
  • DI-5974: Runtime: The status option of the runtime purge command is now computed as case-insensitive.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-5894:  Connectors: "Error 400 - Invalid Request" may be thrown by some  accounts when trying to generate a Google Sheets token with the  command-line utility.
  • DI-5812: Connectors: Template -  INTEGRATION Oracle: Append mode should not create and use an integration  table for performance purposes.
  • DI-5785: Connectors: Temporary table names are unexpectedly truncated to 30 characters when using Oracle 12 or higher.
  • DI-5079:  Connectors: The generation of Google Sheets tokens with the  command-line utility fails with java 11 with the error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverter".
  • DI-6029:  Runtime: Remove unusued and unrelevant "memoryLogCacheDelay" and  "launchReportEngine" from the Runtime configuration file.
  • DI-5934:  Runtime: The XML to JDBC action unexpectedly and randomly removes the  space characters from data when used to transform large sets of data  into a file with file export mode.
  • DI-5842: Runtime: The runtime purge command unexpectedly deletes all sessions when the user enters an unrecognized status.
  • DI-5810:  Runtime: When running a delivery as web service, there are random  latencies on sessions, which sometimes takes longer to run than usual.
  • DI-5784:  Runtime: The 'runtime version' number that is displayed by the 'runtime  version' runtime shell command is the technical version number instead  of the public version number.
  • DI-4144: Runtime: Runtime database connection pool is unexpectedly not releasing connections.
  • DI-5997: License Service: License Server configuration security enhancements.
  • DI-5995: License Service: Review the services users and roles management to rely on the spring-boot framework.
  • DI-5982: License Service: CVE-2014-3643 - upgrade jersey third-party library.
  • DI-5891: License Service: Upgrade jackson third-party library to address several CVEs.
  • DI-5890: License Service: CVE-2022-22965: Upgrade the spring third-party library version to 5.3.18.
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