Semarchy xDI 2023.1.14 is available!

Hello Team,

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.14.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.14, Avro, Base, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, Greenplum, Hadoop, HTTP REST, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, Snowflake, Teradata, Vertica).

New Features

  • DI-9638: Template *LOAD File*: added the ability to ignore empty lines at the end of a file.
  • DI-9853: Added the ability to send a file to Snowflake with the Microsoft Azure Storage `azcopy` utility.

Bug fixes

  • DI-6250: Fixed an issue which prevented UNC paths from working in JDBC URLs.
  • DI-8546: Added an option to retrieve all LDAP operational attributes in an integration flow.
  • DI-9291: Fixed an issue which caused an error when consulting data in a MariaDB table.
  • DI-9443: Fixed a missing column error in the replicator template on the BigQuery *Part for Load* action.
  • DI-9499: Update main component libraries to the latest versions.
  • DI-9521: Fixed an issue that prevented the *Raise Error* action from working correctly when executing a delivery.
  • DI-9534: Fixed an issue where the *Write Xml Key* option did not work.
  • DI-9556: Fixed an issue preventing columns from being reversed when the table name was over 30 characters long.
  • DI-9616: Template *INTEGRATION Oracle*: fixed an issue that stopped target indexes from being created in a target schema.
  • DI-9627: Fixed an issue that prevented files with wildcards in their name from being loaded.
  • DI-9642: Fixed an issue where {di-runtime-name-regular} child sessions showed the wrong status until the main session finished.
  • DI-9647: Fixed an issue that prevented an error code from showing when the runtime log database was unavailable.
  • DI-9669: Fixed an issue that hid project impacts and dependencies until after a full cache rebuild.
  • DI-9670: Fixed an issue that used up too many license validation tokens, when using Java versions 17 and 21 at the same time on the machine running {di-designer-name-regular}.
  • DI-9744: Fixed an issue that kept a process's default web service invocation path active after defining a custom path.
  • DI-9748: Fixed an issue preventing arrow icons from appearing when performing an impact analysis on a table.
  • DI-9749: Fixed an issue which prevented the Vertica Export Object Parser from parsing primary keys.
  • DI-9758: Fixed an issue that prevented the CLI from building packages on a first attempt.
  • DI-9782: Updated Guava third-party libraries.
  • DI-9784: Updated Jython third-party libraries.
  • DI-9796: Updated Spring third-party libraries.
  • DI-9852: Template *LOAD File to Snowflake*: fixed an error when connecting to Microsoft Azure Storage.
  • DI-9856: Fixed an issue that prevented Salesforce integrations from recognizing OAuth2 JSON properties.
  • DI-9857: Template *INTEGRATION FILE* (FileExport): fixed an issue preventing null values from being processed correctly.*
  • DI-9861: Added the ability to define more custom formats and properties when reverse-engineering Avro schemas.
  • DI-9863: Updated Spring third-party libraries.
  • DI-9877: Fixed an issue generating table names with a `not exists` clause.
  • DI-9895: Improved performance when importing or using a workspace from legacy software versions.
  • DI-9941: Template *LOAD File to Snowflake*: Fixed an issue causing failures during the `delete temporary files from Azure` step.
  • DI-9952: Template *INTEGRATION Rdbms to BigQuery*: fixed an issue that stopped Snowflake to BigQuery mappings with a `ClassNotFoundException` error.
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