Semarchy xDI 5.3.12 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 5.3.12.

You can read the release notes (5.3.12, AmazonBaseCouchbaseGoogle BigQueryGoogle PlatformSalesforceSnowflake).

New Features

  • DI-8609: Update the default URL for component installations to a version-specific URL.

  • DI-8942: DI-8942: `ClassNotFound` exception in Designer when loading some components

  • DI-6670: [RDBMS databases] Add `Nullable Reject Code` and `Nullable User Message` metadata properties to columns.

  • DI-6683: Template *Load file to Snowflake*: add the *Positional File Processingproperty to support positional files.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-7225: Statistics are not displayed when a mapping name contains the “à” character.

  • DI-8507: [Process > Meta-Inf parameters] The values defined in AutoRestartNumber and AutoRestartInterval parameters are not respected.

  • DI-7801: Updated Spring third-party library.

  • DI-7959: Updated SnakeYAML third-party library.

  • DI-8687: Updated Jetty third-party library.

  • DI-7075: Remove support for deprecated _Couchbase transactions_ library.

  • DI-8799: Error when parsing datetime fields.

  • DI-7893: An `Access Denied` error is displayed when accessing an external table in BigQuery that points to a Google Drive spreadsheet.

  • DI-7981: Conversion issues with INT64, FLOAT64, BIGNUMERIC, DATETIME, and TIME data types cause `SQLFeatureNotSupportedException` errors when using Google BigQuery as a source.

  • DI-8207: Google BigQuery mappings that use Google storage as a temporary location fail unexpectedly because of permission issues.

  • DI-8726: External Value Resolver token is not automatically renewed.

  • DI-8747: External Value Resolver token is not automatically revoked when executing a session with the `startdelivery` command.

  • DI-7663: Salesforce upsert operation fails with the error 'InvalidJob : External ID was blank'.

  • DI-7667: Missing result data after Salesforce integration process.

  • DI-7765: In some situations, Salesforce returns error messages that are incomplete or truncated.

  • DI-6578: Template *Load RDBMS to Snowflake*: when the `String Delimiter` option is enabled, the mapping does not compile.

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