Semarchy xDI 2023.1.6 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.6.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.6AmazonAvroCassandraCouchbaseElasticsearchGoogle Cloud PlatformGoogle Cloud Storage Delivery RepositoryHTTP Rest,

Microsoft ExcelOracleSnowflake).

New Features

  • DI-8051: Add a new parameter in the metadata and template to allow the query timeout to be changed.

  • DI-8183: Upgrade third-party library.

  • DI-8188: Upgrade third-party library.

  • DI-8609: Update the default URL for component installations to a version-specific URL.

  • DI-8479: Add scripts to manually shut down the built-in database.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-2589: An error "Failed to load the sqljdbc_auth.dll" is shown when connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server session log database with integrated security.

  • DI-7651: In the administration section, the runtime test button may fail with errors such as "password authentication failed for the user".

  • DI-7747: The external value syntax (%ext{}ext%) cannot be used in a driver class parameter.

  • DI-7762: Integrating an Excel file modified in OnlyOffice fails with an error.

  • DI-7974: When running an API/Web Services delivery and the response code is mapped to a parameter, stack trace messages are unexpectedly added to the response body.

  • DI-8061: Template INTEGRATION Oracle to File (SqlPlus): the "lineSize" option is miscalculated.

  • DI-8231: Upgrade Jackson third-party library.

  • DI-8246: Designer may incorrectly generate OUTER JOIN expressions in some situations.

  • DI-8285: Upgrade Jackson third-party library.

  • DI-8309: Upgrade Netty third-party library.

  • DI-8443: The RDBMS reverse-engineering process does not update the position of columns that already exist in metadata.

  • DI-8448: Upgrade Spring third-party library.

  • DI-8449: The ping and directory scanning feature in the Navigator have been removed. Using dedicated tools instead is recommended.

  • DI-8477: The error "An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x90)" may be displayed when using Kakfa technology with the Avro schema Registry.

  • DI-8487: Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-8502: The package manager is unstable when loading multiple packages with drag-and-drop.

  • DI-8505: When running a delivery as a web service, catching an error unexpectedly returns an HTTP 500 error with the message "Internal Server Error".

  • DI-8523: Scheduled delivery executions fail if a delivery contains a "start delivery" process action and is started in a "Command Line Mode" context.

  • DI-8526: Welcome Page links redirect to incorrect URLs.

  • DI-8530: Add tooltips for functional and technical error parameters.

  • DI-8537: Review user roles and associated permissions to assure they are correctly bound.

  • DI-8538: When working with projects saved outside of the workspace, the Designer may incorrectly define project build file locations and fail to build mappings.

  • DI-8541: When changing the default httpServerPort, the scheduler fails to start with the error 'Failed to initialize pool: Schema "SCHEDULER" not found'.

  • DI-8615: Upgrade Guava third-party library.

  • DI-8687: Upgrade Jetty third-party library.

  • DI-8690: AWS connections close before file transfers are really complete.

  • DI-8702: Upgrade Spring third-party library.

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