Semarchy xDI 2023.1.5 is available!

We have released today on the patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.5 LTS.

You can read the release notes (2023.1.5, Actian, Avalanche, Actian VectorWise, Amazon Components, Avro, Base, Change Data Capture, Couchbase, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform, Google Sheets, Hadoop, IBM DB2, JMS, Kafka, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Table Storage, Parquet, Snowflake).

New Features

  • DI-6510: Runtime, Analytics: Certify PostgreSQL version 14.x as the backend database.

  • DI-7886: Connectors: Add sub-metadata support on the cluster and scope level.

  • DI-8052: Connectors: Change Data Capture DB2-400: Add the ability to calculate the journal boundaries through sequences instead of timestamps.

  • DI-8128: Analytics: Add an error when the user tries to define a keystore or key with a password larger than 255 characters.

  • DI-8164: Runtime: The 'installEngineAsService' script supports the possibility to define additional Java arguments with the XDI_RUNTIME_OPTS environment variable.

  • DI-8181: Connectors: Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-8182: Connectors: Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-8192: Connectors: Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-8412: Designer, Connectors: Improve the Mapping's SQL parser reserved words management and clarify parsing errors.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-321: Designer: Incorrect queries are generated when a mapping datastore is named "END".

  • DI-6409: Connectors: Integration VectorWise template: the combined statement fails when column order is different between the metadata and the physical table.

  • DI-6411: Connectors: Integration VectorWise template: the insertion of rows in the target table fails when preceded by an update.

  • DI-6517: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-6734: Designer: The designer modules configuration is missing from the Help/About Semarchy xDI Designer/Installation Details/Configuration section.

  • DI-7149: Runtime: The native scripting action mismatches the classloaders when there are multiple actions with different scripting connections, which leads to the class not being found.

  • DI-7179: Designer: Designer CLI: the commands are failing if there is a space in the workspace path.

  • DI-7211: Analytics: Administration: The Runtime connectivity test button should not test the log database if the *Disable log database proxy* parameter is enabled.

  • DI-7670: Runtime: Guava API - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7745: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7783: Connectors: In the Azure Table Storage metadata: the "standard", "core" and "externalize" tabs of the server nodes are empty.

  • DI-7784: Connectors: Azure Table Storage Templates are unavailable in mappings and are overriding Couchbase Templates.

  • DI-7797: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7893: Connectors: The error "Access Denied" is displayed when accessing an external table in BigQuery that points to a google drive spreadsheet.

  • DI-7908: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7936: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7940: Connectors: An invalid XML_READER_CLASS attribute value is specified in the Azure Table Storage technology.

  • DI-7944: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7947: Designer: The list of possible values is unexpectedly not displayed in the key attribute of Process Palette Metadata and Required Library attribute of User Defined Function Metadata.

  • DI-7989: Connectors, Runtime: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7991: Analytics: Review the permissions attached to the analytics roles for consistency.

  • DI-8009: Connectors: The error "Cannot invoke "String.length()" because "string" is null" is displayed when trying to manually add or edit nodes in the Microsoft Azure Table Storage metadata.

  • DI-8043: Designer, Connectors: Load XML to RDBMS: when using a technology with object size limitation, the table name is unexpectedly truncated if it contains a variable or scripting expression.

  • DI-8081: License Service: Spring-Boot - Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-8095: Designer: The error "Multiple Configuration nodes have been found" might be thrown when generating a package, especially from data flows developed in legacy versions.

  • DI-8113: Connectors: Load Rdbms to Snowflake: incorrect file path generated when using s3 as external storage.

  • DI-8126: Runtime: The error "An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x90)" might be displayed with hierarchical technologies such as Kafka.

  • DI-8142: Designer: Designer CLI: Remove unnecessary warning/error messages in the CLI logs.

  • DI-8159: Runtime: The `encrypt` command of the runtime should be limited to the admin role.

  • DI-8165: Analytics: The _analyticsSessionConsult_ role shouldn't be able to use the _Duplicate_ option on Session Reports items.

  • DI-8169: Analytics: The _analyticsRuntimeConsult_ and _analyticsRuntimeAdmin_ roles shouldn't give access to the administration menu.

  • DI-8175: Connectors: When using HBase in an *Sql to Parameters* Process Action, the connection unexpectedly fails.

  • DI-8207: Connectors: Google BigQuery mappings using Google Storage as temporary location are unexpectedly failing because of permission issues.

  • DI-8220: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-8221: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-8233: Connectors: Third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-8247: Runtime: The *uncryptedPassword* parameter of the `connect` command is deprecated. Use the *password* parameter that accepts both a clear or encrypted value.

  • DI-8248: Designer, Connectors: Incorrect queries are generated when a mapping datastore is named "OFF".

  • DI-8286: Connectors: Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-8308: Connectors: Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-8351: Designer: Metadata Editor: refresh issue with dynamic properties that unexpectedly empty the properties UI when being changed.

  • DI-8396: Runtime: Deliveries published as web services are unexpectedly mixing up the information specified with meta-inf.

  • DI-8405: Connectors: *CDC DB2-400 - Read Journal Data*: improve the retrieval of the last available sequence identifier from the journal receiver to avoid any data loss when the AS400 cache is enabled.

  • DI-8410: Designer: Legacy Stambia sub-metadata files are unexpectedly not considered anymore as sub-metadata when being imported in Semarchy xDI.

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