Semarchy xDI 2023.1.3 is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDI 2023.1.3.


You can read the release notes (2023.1.3, Avro, Base, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, HTTP REST, Salesforce, IBM Netezza, Parquet, Snowflake, Spark, xDM).

New Features

  • DI-6670: Connectors: RDBMS databases: add *Nullable Reject Code* and *Nullable User Message* metadata properties to columns.

  • DI-7766: Connectors: Snowflake JDBC driver Third-Party library upgrade.

  • DI-7382: Connectors: xDM tools parameters order and labels aligned on Metadata definition

  • DI-7233: Connectors, Runtime: Add "Enable Certificate Validation" and "Enable Hostname Validation" parameters in the WSDL Metadata.

Bug Fixes

  • DI-7368: Designer: Designer CLI: in some situations, the user script is unexpectedly run before the end of the mapping build phase. This is causing errors on commands such as buildPackage or buildDelivery, which rely on the built files.
  • DI-7880: Analytics, Designer: The error `for input string ""` is displayed when trying to change the cron expression of an existing schedule.
  • DI-7717: Designer: The error `CustomConfiguration cannot be cast to class MdNode` is thrown when generating processes or mappings that use a metadata created in a legacy version.
  • DI-7356: Designer: The error `org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionFailedException` may be raised when renaming a mapping.
  • DI-7349: Designer: The warning dialog box is not displayed when trying to perform runtime operations from the designer while not being connected.
  • DI-7765: Connectors: The error messages returned as output by Salesforce are incomplete/truncated in some situations.
  • DI-7169: Connectors: Review the float datatype creation mask and reverse size.
  • DI-7361: Connectors: INTEGRATION Spark to Hdfs Parquet: An error is raised when one of the columns of the target datastore is not mapped.
  • DI-7849: Connectors: Jackson-dataformat-cbor - Third-party library upgrade.
  • DI-7836: Connectors,Runtime: When trying to generate an OAuth2 token while the security metadata have some defined auth parameters or HTTP headers, the error `Failed to generate OAuth 2 Authorization Header` is displayed.
  • DI-7689: Connectors: The `synch` parameter of the *INTEGRATION xDM* template is ignored.
  • DI-7330: Connectors: The legacy Semarchy xDM metadata variable is missing from the internal resources, which leads to reference errors when using legacy flows.
  • DI-7329: Connectors: The error `BeanShell script error` is thrown when processing JSON attributes having space characters in their name with *DESERIALIZER Hsql String as Json* and *DESERIALIZER Rdbms String as Json*.
  • DI-7266: Connectors: Org.json Third-party library upgrade.
  • DI-6522: Connectors: Jackson Third-Party library upgrade.
  • DI-6521: Connectors: Jackson Third-Party library upgrade.
  • DI-7688: Runtime: When scheduling a delivery without loglevel, the schedule is unexpectedly saved with a default loglevel in the database instead of being empty.
  • DI-7735: Runtime: When using PostgreSQL as the Scheduler database, the schedules are not started, with the error "org.quartz.JobExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing SPI com.indy.engine.LocalService".
  • DI-7763: Runtime: The error `SQLNonTransientConnectionException: connection exception: closed` is thrown when using the SQL Operation wait mode.
  • DI-7743: Runtime: Saxon Third-Party library upgrade.
  • DI-7732: Runtime: When scheduling a delivery with an empty log level while the runtime default log level value is incorrectly set, the log level is unexpectedly saved with a high negative value.
  • DI-7708: Runtime: FileWait Action ends before reaching the expected number of files defined by the user when the action is used without a bind.
  • DI-7664: Runtime: Add the option -Dhsqldb.method_class_names=""java.lang.Long.decode;java.lang.Long.toHexString"" to the built-in HSQLDB startup. This option is necessary for the converters.
  • DI-7365: Runtime: Running xDI deliveries from REST API using PUT, DELETE, or PATCH HTTP Methods fails with `not implemented` or `not supported` errors.
  • DI-7364: Runtime: When defining an Init SQL Script with some databases such as Oracle, the connection fails to initialize with "invalid character error".
  • DI-7306: Runtime: SFTP append command fails with `FileNotFoundException`.
  • DI-7298: Runtime: The bind iterations run by the *File Wait* action are randomly not matching the number of files found by the action.
  • DI-7731: Analytics: Running sessions are unexpectedly not displayed anymore in Session Reports.
  • DI-7359: Analytics: When the *From* and *To* date filters are defined to *Today* alias, the list of sessions is unexpectedly empty.
  • DI-7640: Analytics: FileUpload Third-party library upgrade.
  • DI-7628: Analytics: An inconsistent database state preventing analytics to start is provoked when drag and dropping Sessions Reports or folders into themselves or into their own childs.
  • DI-7265: Analytics: org.json Third-party library upgrade.
  • DI-5733: Analytics: Delivery Project Supervisor: when emptying the status filter, the list is not updated
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