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use custom Template, can't execute it

I imported a templed from "internal Ressources" with import resources into work space"  I renamed it in the project explorer 

And I add some steps in it

 I select when I use it in a mapping I can select it in the standard properties from the integration template

But when I saw the excution dedails fin step I added are missing 
It seems to call the original one 

I try to use a 'raise Error' componant  at the beginning of the process but it doesn't raise an error

Thank you in advance

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Thanks for sharing the information about this issue!

Can you review below steps and confirm if these were done:

1.) Go to the Show Internal Resource view

2.) Right click on the Template and the respective .tpc and Import Resource in Workspace

3.) Copy & provide a new name to the Template in the Project Explorer

4.) Make changes to this Template

5.) Once done, on the Template level Properties, go to the Core tab and scroll down to the Standard category and update the name with the new name

6.) Finally, open the tpc file and drag and drop the new template on the I-TP

Please let us know if you have further questions

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