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How to get File using Blob AZURE


I would like to retrieve all files stored in a azure blob storage without having to specify the name of each file in the properties, as indicated below because the names of my files often change.


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Hi Wijden,

Thanks for posting your query!

At the moment this Tool can only get specific files which are configured in the "Remote File Name". 

Is there are possibility that you would know the file names or can store the file names somewhere (like a table)? 

If so, you can drive it through a table (Select file name from a table in an SQL operation) and then use bind link to Start Delivery, and it would execute the delivery of your current process. What it will pass on is the file name for each iteration (as a parameter to the delivery) and you need to configure the "Remote File Name" with this parameter. 

Let us know the possibility 

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