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Working with Sap Idocs


i want to create Sap Idoc for Order.

I create metadata, but when i use it, i have an error (See attachment).

Any idea?

Thank you,


(108 KB)


Can you try a few things as mentioned below:

1.) Click on the INT template icon on the target and go to properties and check the drop down for selecting the template for SAP (Idoc).

2.) Right click in the empty area in the mapping and go to Build >> Advanced >> Build Metadata and Process

3.) At the top of the Designer you will see Utilities, then choose Rebuild Cache and Clean projects

If you still have the same issue, let us know.


Thanks for reply. but in th INT template icon, the drop-down list is empty...


Hi Stephane,

Thanks for the update.

Can you please check if the template exists in the Internal Resources:

1.) Click on the View Menu


2.) Select Show Internal Resource View. This will open another tab next to the Navigator

3.) Go inside this tab and open templates >> and look for Integration Template for Sap (Idoc)

4.) If you have this then maybe you should Restart your Designer and redo a fresh mapping

Let us know if you still have the issue


I think it's ok for the template :



i think it's ok for the template (See attachment) in the internal ressources, but nothing appears when i select the INT tempate icon in the mapping...

(207 KB)

Can you share the version of both xDI Designer and the SAP Component you are using

Semarchy xDI Designer Version 2023.1.2



Ok, so although I cannot see the entire mapping snapshot, I am assuming that you have not dragged and dropped any source field on it? I can only see CURCY as 'EUR' hard coded.

If its true, can you drag n drop a column from one of the source tables? 

yes, of course! Now it's good...

I'm sorry...

No problem!! Thanks for the update

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