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Duplicate Entity

Is it possible to duplicate/copy an entity within a model?  I have an entity with multiple validations, enrichers, collections, views, steppers, action sets, and business views.  It is set up to behave a particular way when creating/editing a record.  I would like to change it up to work/function in a different but don't want to change anything in the current model.  I would like to duplicate the entire entity and play/change the functionality.  Once I have it working and functioning in a "new" way I would update the original entity.

What are my options other than build a new entity from scratch?



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Hello Matthew,

Unfortunately, this is not possible currently as there are many other restrictions while duplicating the entity like Reference between the other entities.

So for testing purposes, we suggest you first export your model and again import it into another Data location, so that you will not have to make a lot of changes and you can perform your test there with both of your models exist - one with your use case and another one for the test.

Thank you

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