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Customize the Welcome Page to hide applications

Hi Semarchy, 

A customer wants to have 1 model deployed on multiple data locations (each data location is for a different region, such as CustomerB2CEU, CustomerB2CNAmerica, CustomerB2CAsia, etc.). There are multiple applications in the data model. When all the data locations are deployed, a user logging  into xDM seems many applications. For example, let's say there's 1 data model and it has 4 applications. Let's say you have 3 data locations that have this data model deployed. If you put the role DataStewardEU in the Application > Required Role in the Application called CustomerB2CEU, when you log in with the role DataStewardEU, you'll see the Application CustomerB2CEU 3 times for each of the data locations (for example, you'll see Customer EU (CustomerB2CEU), Customer EU (CustomerB2CNAamerica), Customer EU (CustomerB2CAsia). 

The end user only wants to see 1 application option: the application that contains their region. For example, the EU data steward should only see Customer EU (CustomerB2CEU). The other data locations should be hidden.

Since I can't modify the Application visibility beyond the Required Role, how do you suggest achieving this requirement? Can I modify what appears on the Welcome page and hide all the other applications? 

Can I create a custom Welcome page when an end user first logs in? 

Thank you very much for your help. 

Hello Anna.

If you have 'Grant full access to the model' checked to a particular role then it will have access to all the applications of the model

Irrespective of the required role assigned to the application

You need to uncheck that tab and redeploy the model to see the changes

Hi Bharat,

My Model Privileges Grants for all the region-specific data stewards have the Grant full access to the model unchecked. Please see screenshots attached. Even with this option unchecked for all the data stewards, I still see the behavior where many applications appear on the Welcome page. This is because every data steward has access to the application across all 3 data locations, therefore they have access to the application 3 times. 

1. Is it possible to control access at the data location level to block, for example, the DataStewardEurope from having access to the CustomerB2CAsia data location? 

2. If  #1 is not possible, can I customize the Welcome screen to only show the apps I want the end user to see when they log in? 

3. Do any xDM customers have a customized or different Welcome page that the end user first sees when they log in? Maybe the client can build a custom Welcome page and redirect from the built-in Welcome page? 

I attached the model to show you what I'm talking about in case it's helpful for you to import.

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