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Enricher SPLIT_PART() Function Not Working As Expected


I was advised in this forum to use the SPLIT_PART(SourceFirstName) function to split strings delimited by

I have the following Enrichers with attributes created to capture different sections of the name:


However, when I submit data with multiple names delimited by spaces and hyphens, these values are not being split in the MD table, and thus not matching with the SemQL Matchers I have in place. Here is an example of how the data is being populated in the FirstNamePart attributes:


I need help understanding why these names with spaces and hyphens are not getting separated into NamePart2 and NamePart3 attributes. (This is fake data created for test purposes)


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I think the data transformation is not happening somewhere in the enricher or stepper portion of the Semarchy process.

If anyone has ideas on how to correctly configure my entity to apply these data transformations it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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