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Is it possible to use the REST API to retrieve Data Notification Logs?

 I've been working on using the REST API to monitory some aspects of the xDM system and resolve issues. I've been using the Get data notification status and it includes the latestNotificationLog attribute. This corresponds to the most recent entry in the list of Data Notification Logs that appears in the application UI.

I'd like to be able to use the API to retrieve multiple Data Notification Log entries so that I can look back at run history and collect statistics for reporting.

I haven't been able to find an API operation that accomplish this. Does one exist?


Hi Mike,  I do think that is possible at the moment. However, I can create a story for this use case. Could you open a support ticket and explain your specific use case and what type of reporting you plan on creating with information. That way I can log it correctly with the product team. 

Thanks Fathia - ticket created:


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