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Row level Access & Workflows

Hi -

We have following scenario:

a) We have master data records belonging to three countries - USA, MEX & CAN. They refer to USA, Mexico and Canada.

b) We want to let all users see all the records . That is a user from USA can see master data records of Canada and Mexico as well.

c) However, we want to give a user permission to 'edit' records only of his/her country. That is a user from USA can modify/edit only USA records but not Mexico or Canada records.

d) We have a workflow that routes any request to edit/modify a record to a Global Data Steward.

Can you please suggest how we can achieve this ?

Thanks for the help

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Hi Sumit, 

Have you tried to create a SemQL filter in the Model Privilege Grants?  You can configure the filter to only allow that role edit access. The filter SemQL would look like this CountryName='USA' or CountryName='Canada' or CountryName='Mexico' 


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