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Mortascreen as a plug-in lookup.


Has anyone tried to implement the 13m records from Mortascreen as a lookup plug-in?

I'm under the impression that Mortascreen are bringing out an API but I know nothing of what it actually does & how I can implement it. Has anyone added the Mortascreen flat file to their Semarchy platform?

Any help would be most appreciated


Hi Jill,

if Mortascreen is bringing out APIs, there are no issues for Semarchy xDM to create a Rest Client and use it as an API enricher in your Form Steps. If you need more help, please don't hesitate to bring your actual use case and show us the Morstacreen API you would like to use, so that we can show you how to deal with it in xDM.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Many thanks Stephanie

I am having a demonstration of the API next week & once I have a better understanding of what it does, I'll be able to come back with the use case.

Kind regards


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Hey Jill,

I'm wondering if my previous answer was enough now that you had a demonstration of Mortascreen. I'm looking forward to reading your specific use case, if any, or if I can mark my previous answer as "Best answer".

Thanks !


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