When trying to activate / apply the Stambia License in the Designer, the following error is thrown:




This error might come from multiple causes:

1. All the licenses available for your company are already in use, so as indicated, no token is available at the moment.

-> The solution in this case is to wait for a license to be available or to check with people using it.


2. The machine where the Designer is started is not registered in the license server.

Depending on the license type used by your company, the license might be linked to the MAC address of the machine using the Designer.

-> The solution in this case is to check with the support, or with the administrator of your license server, if the MAC address of the machine is allowed.


3. The machine executes 2 or more Designers at the same time AND a network change occured at some point

For example you started two instances of the Designer, and switched from Wifi to Ethernet or the other way.

-> Solution to apply in each opened Designer:

- Change the last part of the license URL in the popup. For example https://yourserver:yourport/DUMMY,

- click Apply,

- then restore the correct URL.


4. You have multiple network cards in your machine, including for instance virtual cards, bluetooth cards, etc.

There is a known Java bug that appear in some Java versions that avoids us to retrieve the correct list of MAC Addresses of the machine.

Therefore, a wrong list is sent to the license server, that so doesn't recognize the machine as authorized.

Here is the Java bug:

The solution in this case is:

-> Upgrade Java to a version where this bug is fixed / not happening

-> Or de-activate all the other network cards to have only the one authorized by the license server. Then, restart the Designer, and apply the license.