A session fails with an error like the following :

com.indy.engine.common.exceptions.EngineExceptionI: Unknown java.lang.error working with the engine, contact your supplier
at com.indy.engine.action.common.ActionCodeTypeI.executeCode(SourceFile:1688)
at Source)
Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


This can happen on SqlOperation and SqlFileExport actions when loading a large amount of data, which fills up the Java Virtual Machine's memory.

Go into the process details, and look at the parameters of the action that failed - or the previous action if it is a bound action.

Reduce the "Fetch Size" (usually in the SQL action or in the Template parameters)

- A lower value will require the lowest memory but with slower performance.

- A higher value will require more memory but with better performance.

Alternatively, you can increase the Runtime's max memory (parameter STAMBIA_MAX_MEMORY in initvariables.bat).

A specific forum thread was created on this kind of error, feel free to discuss or ask help: