When preparing a process, the following error appears in the Console :

     [xslt] C:\Apps\stambia\stambiaRuntime\build\xsl\mdToXml.xsl:168: Fatal Error! Exception thrown by OutputURIResolver Cause: net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException: Failed to create output file file:/C:/Apps/stambia/U:/git/stambia2/000-MetaData/002-DataModels/File/
     [xslt] Failed to process C:\Apps\stambia\stambiaRuntime\build\tmp\wrk1\ASSU_IN\001-MAPPING\HENNER\\map\01_CA.oneProc.proc
Exception : Fatal error during transformation


This error can occur when a project is stored in your local workspace, and it references metadata located in a git/svn repository.

Please check that all the components of your process are stored in the same place : all in your local workspace or all in a versioning repository.