When consulting sessions or session details, the Statistics view is empty.

The Variable view is not empty, only the Statistics view is.

When going to "Window / Parameters" and the "Statistics" tab, the list is empty.


This is an Analytics Installation issue, concerning new installations made with versions 2.0.9 to 2.1.1.

Prior versions which were upgraded to 2.0.9 / 2.1.1 are not concerned. New installations made with 2.1.2 or later are not concerned.

How to fix it:

  • Solution 1:
    • get a "stambia.logs" file from another existing WebappHome directory
    • copy all lines starting with "<logs:statistic" and paste them into the erroneous WebappHome's "stambia.logs" file
  • Solution 2:
    • Go to "Window / Parameters" and the "Statistics" tab
    • Add the following items to the list:
      • Name: WSDL_NB_ERROR, Label: WsdlError
      • Name: SQL_STAT_MERGE, Label: Merge
      • Name: OUT_NB_FILES, Label: OutFileCount
      • Name: SQL_STAT_UPDATE, Label: Update
      • Name: XML_NB_ELEMENTS,  Label: Element
      • Name: SQL_STAT_DELETE, Label: Delete
      • Name: SQL_NB_ROWS, Label: Rows
      • Name: XML_NB_ATTRIBUTES, Label: Attribute
      • Name: SQL_STAT_ERROR, Label: Reject
      • Name: WSDL_NB_DONE, Label: WsdlSuccess
      • Name: SQL_STAT_INSERT, Label: Insert
      • Name: OUT_FILE_SIZE, Label: OutFileSize