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Named query via API call: hide filter details if an error is returned



Query via Postam a custom named query and using the "$f" parameter to add SQL in the request.

When the "$f" is incorrect, and error 400 is returned that gives all the details of the SQL filter set in the named query:  

"error": {
        "errorMessage": "Invalid SemQL request. An error occurred while parsing the condition \" FILTER USED in the Named Query" : ERROR 70:16 no viable alternative at input '( ANYA TiersEtablissements' ERROR 70:185 extraneous input ')' expecting {<EOF>, T_OR, T_AND}",
        "errorId": "8b889b6a-784b-42f6-89db-ba5105182a43",
        "statusCode": 400


Desired behavior

I would like to know if a parameter/solution exists in order to hide the details of the filter if this error is returned?


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It is not something that is supported as of now.

But a request has been created and the Product Team will consider it: MDM-15592.
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