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Struggling to figure out how to implement a match rule

Hi, I am trying to implement matching rules that detect duplicate records and warn user when authoring new records. I've established the matching criteria, but I am struggling to figure out how to implement this within my stepper or form. 

Also is there any way to customize the warn message that a user recieves when inputting duplicate records?




Did you enable the DETECT_DUPS validation in the stepper? 

Hi, I tried DETECT_DUPS block and warn and neither worked.

I am trying to configure the match criteria I set up to enforce when a newly entered record is a duplicate for it to give me an error message.


Hi Gavin, can you enable DETECT_DUPS on the form step instead of the collection step? Does it solve your issue?

Hey Gavin,

as this question is publicly visible, it would be great to have your feedback on how you made your use-case work in the end.

Thanks in advance!


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