We were able to install Semarchy xDI Designer but when trying to use a License in online mode we receive the error "Error while contacting server".


You can find some helpful logs in semarchy-xdi-designer\workspace\.metadata


1) Be sure java version is supported by xDI and verify it with commanded  java -version

Here are all the Java version supported:

2) Allow network exchange with xDI license server IPs : (all on port 443)
The IPs list will be provided by Support.

3) Force the protocol used by the designer to connect to the license server if you encountered this error :

com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure at com.sun.jersey.client.urlconnection.URLConnectionClientHandler.handle(
Caused by: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

Add this line to .ini file
-Djdk.tls.client.protocols=TLSv1.2 after the line