When starting the License Server, the following error appears in the console or in the log file "semarchy-xdi-license-server\ext\yajsw\log\wrapper.log" :

java.lang.Exception: spring-context.xml file : You have to configure the com.semarchy.xdi.license.server.plugin.ssl.impl.DesignerSslPlugin element to enable or disable SSL

        at com.semarchy.xdi.license.server.LicenceServer.startHTTPServer(

        at com.semarchy.xdi.license.server.LicenceServer.startServer(

        at com.semarchy.xdi.license.server.LicenceServer.main(


This is because the License Server is now delivered by default with SSL/TLS mode enabled.

You have to :

- configure the License Server to use a valid SSL/TLS certificate 

- or disable the SSL/TLS mode, and place the License Server behind a SSL/TLS secured front service (proxy, load balancer...). 

Please refer to the Reference Documentation for more details on this configuration.