This article shows how to use "Get files with SCP" action in order to download files from SFTP server.

Step 1: Create a "SSH server" metadata

  • the "ssh server" metadata is used to store the connection details to your SFTP server:

Step 2: Add "Get Files with SCP" action in your process and drag and drop your SFTP server metadata on this action

  • This way the connection details from your SSH server metadata will be automatically used on the action.

Step 3: Configure the action

  • check the box "Scp use Sftp" in order to use Sftp protocol:

  • in SCP_REMOTE_FILE put the path to the remote file to transfer. A wildcard character * can be used to get multiple files at once:

  • in SCP_LOCAL_DIR put the path to the local folder where you want the file(s) to be transferred

You can now execute your process !