Sr. Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy
  • For Fuzzy Matched Entities you will need to create a new Survivorship rule specifically for the attributes you want to bypass the validation/certification process. This will allow those attributes to be overridden in its Consolidation Strategy.
  • You will then create a specific job that will process the attributes in the entity. Make sure that nothing is checked in the processes involved (for better performance)
  • You can then run this query to load data into the source authoring table 
Insert into SA_XX (B_LOADID, B_CLASSNAME, <GOLDEN_ID_COLUMN>, <COLUMNS_TO_OVERRIDE>) values (vLoadid, <your_entity_name>, <the golden id to override>, <the new values for the columns to override>)
  • Run this query into the SF table. SF_<Physical Table Name>, stores flags that indicate which field was overridden.
Insert into SF_XX (B_LOADID, B_CLASSNAME, <GOLDEN_ID_COLUMN>, <COLUMNS_TO_OVERRIDE>) values (vLoadid, <your_entity_name>, <the golden id to override>, <flag '1' for each column that needs to be overriden>)