This article explains what you can modify to personalize the look-and-feel for your Semarchy xDM application and where you can find associated resources.

Here is how the different elements that you can modify in an xDM application are visualized:

You can modify those settings in the Applications node by double-clicking on your application


  • Title: Short name of the application that appears in the navigation drawer’s title
  • Avatar: 128px x 128px picture used on Welcome page, 24px x 24px used in top left corner of the application
  • Logo: 450px x 200px picture used on Global Search page
  • Cover: 320px x 128 px picture used as the background image of the navigation drawer’s title (right side will be cut off as application resizes, so be sure to plan for this)
  • Favicon: standard browser favicon details apply
Note: All of these images resize in different contexts. The sizes listed above are good references to use, but actual rendering will vary.

Color theming

Colors are set for each xDM application and follow Material Design standards including the idea of Primary, Contrast, and Error colors.

Colors may be specified using the material design or CSS color syntax.

Branding Resources

The branding and look-and-feel options for an xDM application are discussed in several standard Semarchy documents including the following: