This article explains the UI components you can provide to Business Users in a Data Application. These components are used to provide the most efficient user experience in Data Applications. All these components are related to each other to build powerful Business applications very fast.

To simplify Data Application setup, xDM provides a feature to automatically Create Application Components.

Data Application components

For each entity in your Data Model, you can define the following Data Application components:

  • Collection: configures how multiple records are displayed in a table or list or grid
  • Form: configures how one record is displayed in a form at browsing time or at data authoring time
  • Stepper: configures the guided data authoring experience
  • Actions Set: configures the data actions available for one or multiple records
  • Business Views: configures how all of the above is tied together to form a consumable view

How it works

You provide access to Business Views in Application Menu, and each Business view uses the Browsing Collection to present entity records. A Business View is also associated to an Action Set that contains a list of data actions proposed to Business Users.

Info: Several display modes are available for Collections:

  • Grid is beautiful but requires to have accurate images for each record. Only the Primary Text of Display Card is displayed.
  • List is also based on images (smaller) but uses both Primary and Secondary Text of Display Card.
  • Table is less visual, but you can display more attributes for each record, and allow users to navigate more easily with Sort and/or Search options.

If you choose an item in a collection, it will open the Browsing Form associated with Business View.

If you edit the item via the Edit action, the authoring Stepper associated with this action will open and allow data authoring. It's the same when you choose the Create action from the Collection.

Info: You can also provide to Business Users direct Actions shortcuts in Application Menu for most frequent data authoring activities (create an item, manage duplicates, ...).