Audience: Running a Linux server, but not lots of Linux experience. How can I move files up to and down from the server? Examples: installation zip file or semarchy.xml to be edited locally.

Filezilla is a cross-platform FTP application. Since it supports SSH, it presents a useful, GUI-based alternative to using command-line applications. The article will serve as an introduction to FileZilla, and limited instructions on connecting to an Amazon EC2 instance.


FileZilla has a free, cross-platform version available for download here.


Add SSH Key by navigating to Settings > Connection > SFTP.

Under Site Manager, create a new site to represent your connection. Select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol for protocol, add host and username. Password is not needed.

View/Edit Files

Navigate to the appropriate directory and file, then select View/Edit from the contextual menu. After changes are made, save the file and replace the original.