Administrators attempting to apply and run the Microsoft SQL Server-specific Tomcat file (semarchy-sqlserver.xml) may encounter various errors both at Tomcat runtime as well as in areas of the Semarchy application, such as model deployment. In preconfigured Semarchy packages, the file is included in the Samples directory, and its intended use is for customers using SQL Server as their RDBMS of choice. Checking the Resource name/url combination to verify both match correctly is a key in resolving errors caused by an incorrect file configuration.

Open semarchy-sqlserver.xml in a text editor such as Notepad++. Modify the following 5 Resource name/url combinations so that they match as expected:

  1. EMPLOYEE_TUTORIAL -- url contains incorrect database name
  2. B2B_TUTORIAL -- url contains incorrect database name
  3. DATA_LOCATION_1 -- url missing database name
  4. DATA_LOCATION_2 -- url missing database name
  5. SEMARCHY_STG -- url contains incorrect database name

In some instances, the url may contain an incorrect database name, while in others the database name may be missing altogether.

Taking EMPLOYEETUTORIAL as an example, the screenshot below shows a Resource name of DATA_LOCATION_1, while the url shows a value that is completely missing the database name.

Resource name doesn't match url.

The urlshould include the database name as part of its value, as shown here: url="jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=SEMARCHY_DLOC1"