When starting the Runtime, it stops immediately or a few seconds later.


When launched as a Windows or Linux service, the service stops after a few seconds.

When launched manually on Windows (from the Designer or double-clicking startengine.bat), the Command window does not appear or disappears instantly.

When launched manually on Linux or Mac OS, the process does not stay up.


In the end, the Runtime's system process stopped and does not appear in the Task manager (Windows), Activity Monitor (Mac OS) or in the process list (ps -ef | grep engine).


There can be multiple reasons. You need to consult the Runtime's logs and standard output.

Try starting the Runtime from the command line and redirect output to a log file.

On Windows:

D:\stambiaRuntime>startengine.bat > start.log 2>&1

On Linux / Mac OS (bash):

stambia@devsrv01:~/support/supportRuntime/stambiaRuntime$ ./ &> start.log


Then consult the start.log files.

Feel free to share this log file with the Support Team if you need advice.