The Error Log provides lots of details (ERRORs, WARNings, INFOrmation) about what's going on in Semarchy xDM. It is also called PDE Log (Plug-in Development Environment, because the Semarchy xDM Application Builder is based on Eclipse RAP).

It's an invaluable troubleshooting tool, and the Semarchy support team will often ask you to attach it to a support ticket.


  1. Open the Application Builder
  2. Menu: <Username> -> Error Log


Note: Before exporting the Error Log, please delete its content first and then reproduce the issue that you are facing.

Click the button Export Log in this view and download the log export.

Alternatively, for users with access to the application server, you can find it as a file in the following location (the exact path may differ based on your configuration, and files are usually hidden, make sure to use the ls command with the -a flag: ls -a):

# Common locations:

Note: If you're looking for the catalina.out log, follow these Instruction