General information about license validation

When starting, the Designer validates its license key by connecting to the license URL

By default, the license server is 

=> The license URL often looks like this:

Customer organizations can install their own License Server on-premise, in their own infrastructure.

=> On-premise license URL often look like this:  https://yourserver:someport/group?key=SECRET 

After it started, the Designer also checks the license validity every 60secs by connecting to the same URL. 

  • If the license is validated, then you can continue working with the Designer
  • If the license is not valid:
    • The Designer shows a popup message and enters a "Tolerance time" during which you can quickly Save your work
    • When the tolerance time is over (about 2 minutes), the Designer is forced to quit because the license is still invalid
    • If the license is validated before the tolerance time expires, then you can continue working with the Designer. 
    • Possible reasonsfor an invalid license include: 
      • A mistake in the URL (make sure the Port is not missing in the URL)
      • All the concurrent/floating license are already in use, there are none left for you
      • A network issue prevents the Designer from contacting the License Server.