When invoking a webservice with Stambia DI, you may need to include special character in the url and don't want them to be encoded. This article explains how to do that, with a wsdl metadata.

In this example, a part of the url contains '%2B'.

First, add a part to the Input node : right-click on Input and choose New then Part :

Give a name to this part (url1 for example) and set the Binding Type to http:urlReplacementNotEncoded.

Finally, add the parameter url1 to the address, between brackets. It will be added to the request url.

You can now create a mapping to call the webservice and give to this part of url a value, that will not be encoded.

With the Binding Type = http::urlReplacementNotEncoded, the end of the url will be : /test%2B

If we had chosen Binding Type = http:urlReplacement, the end of the url would have been : /test%252B. 

In fact, the character '%' is being encoded into %25 when Binding Type is set to http:urlReplacement.

Note : of course, you can have encoded and not encoded parameters in the same request url. Just set the corresponding Binding Type to each parameter.