Preparing the Command Line environment for Building Packages

  • Install a Designer with the required Components
    The Build Package feature is part of the Designer. The idea is to prepare a Designer installation with the desired Stambia Components, then zip it and transfer it to the server. Make sure after unzipping that the user has execution permissions on the executable, and read/write permissions to all subfolders.
  • Create or copy a workspace
    This workspace can be empty, in this case you will specify the Projects location with the importFrom option.
    Or the workspace can contain/reference Projects.
    Bear in mind that the workspace must know of all the required Projects, except those that you will import with the importFrom option.
    The user must have read/write to the workspace directory and subdirectories.
  • Make sure the environment has access to the importFrom Projects location
    If you plan to use importFrom to add Projects to the workpsace, then make sure that the command line will have permissions to read from this directory.