Semarchy xDM 2023.1.6 (LTS) is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2024.1 LTS.

You can read the release notes (2024.1.6) for the list of issues.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-14786:  Even after data locations are deleted, xDM continues to send  information regarding these data locations to the license server.

  • MDM-14797:  When attempting to publish records that reference a data-entry-based  golden record related to a fuzzy-matching entity, despite the F_ column being appropriately populated in the SD table,  the certification process fails in referencing the parent record, with  the resulting golden record exhibiting a null value in the F_ column. The fix for this issue will only take effect after the model has been redeployed.

  • MDM-15302:  Within the Workflow Builder, the attribute list in the SemQL editor’s  Assignment Condition view remains empty when the related model includes  entities that inherit from other entities.

  • MDM-15374: Security enhancement: internal API access control.

  • MDM-15375: Within an MDM application, the Explain Record action  encounters an unexpected exception when the current user lacks access  to one or more attributes due to the model privilege grants defined for  their role(s). Specifically, if a fuzzy-matching entity’s attribute is  granted None access but included in the Explain Record view, the following error occurs:  READ for expression [<attribute>] on entity <Entity> is not  authorized.

  • MDM-15449:  The initial attempt to call the REST API or application readiness probe  endpoints results in a 503 error, with subsequent identical attempts  returning a 204 response. Starting with version 2024.1.6, the model  cache for these endpoints is loaded at startup to prevent the initial  503 error. This change may increase startup times for applications with  large models. Platform administrators can revert to the previous  behavior by setting the system property to false, delaying the model cache loading until the first call to the probe API endpoints.

  • MDM-15476:  When accessing a dashboard application incorporating multiple  dashboards that exceed the visible area in the navigation drawer, the  scroll bar is missing from the side navigation panel, which makes it  challenging to navigate beyond the dashboards immediately visible in the  list.

  • MDM-15531: When drilling down into a dashboard chart, rearranging the column order using the Select Columns action does not result in the expected modification of column order in the displayed table view.

  • MDM-15541:  When trying to assign a legacy workflow task in My Tasks, the list of  candidate assignees shows usernames instead of first and last names.

  • MDM-15574:  When configuring a user task step in the Workflow Builder, if the  primary text expression of a display card from the relevant entity  contains an FDN_ attribute from a parent entity, editing the task’s Assignment Condition property causes the SemQL editor to crash. Consequently, an Invalid SemQLAttribute qualified name exception occurs, and no SemQL attributes are displayed in the attribute list.

  • MDM-15597: Third-party library upgrade: Azure Identity.

  • MDM-15598: Third-party library upgrade: Azure Identity.

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