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Is it Possible to Clear out a DU_ table?

Hello All,

I'm working in a DEV environment of a product related MDM model.  A newly added enricher seems to have caused problems for the existing match rules.  let's call this entity "PRODUCT" for simplification.  I am dealing with a situation where my DU_PRODUCT table has 1.27 billion rows, so the "Compute Transitive Closure for System Dups" step of integration batch will run forever.  I have removed the new enricher so that it can be reworked.  This is a DEV environment.  What I the quickest way to clear out the DU_ table for the entity that seems to have built up an unmanageable match group?  I just want to get the environment back to a working state for developers who are testing publish activity through the REST API.

This is probably more of a "Data Certification" topic.  I'm not sure whether a forum admin can move it to "XDM- Data Certification"?

Hello Joseph

Deleting entries in MI and DU only is not what we recommend when you have to reload data  

If there is no records in the Mi table related to du table you can delete the records from Du table 

Or else 

You can replay the matching by following the below link

Reset User Decisions

Replay the Matching

Thanks all.  The issue turned out to be a recently added enricher that interacted with an existing match rule to create an extemely large match group.  We will have to modify the affected match group when we are ready to put the new enricher back into our model.


Hope the answers were helpful


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