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Gauge Chart - maximum value

For a Gauge Chart, can the minimun and maximum range be a variable instead of a hard coded number? I am trying to show how many addresses don't have the country value. My minimum can be 0 but the maximum = total number of records in the address table. Is there a way to do that?

Hi Hitesh,

It is not possible to add variable in the range however you can add target goal to which the chart value is compared

Hi Hitesh,

The minimum and maximum range expects a numeric value and consider model variable as string. Setting up dynamic range using variables are currently not supported.  

If you may try to put below statement:

COUNT(Address) OVER() as "TotalRecords"

in chart query and change chart type from Gauge to Pivot/Bar/Column chart , it will help you to distinguish between the actual number of addresses vs. total number of records present. 

Let me know if that helps.

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