Semarchy xDM 2024.1.2 LTS is available!

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2024.1 LTS.

You can read the release notes (2024.1.2) for the list of issues.

New Features

  • MDM-14723: Semarchy xDM supports PostgreSQL 15 across on-premises installations and cloud platforms, including Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Flexible Server, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.
  • MDM-15092: Platform administrators can deactivate the default security enforcement that temporarily blocks users after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts by setting the xdm.idm.maxloginattempts.enable startup property to false.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-14970: Despite setting a display text for hyperlinks in form fields, the full URL is displayed instead of the specified text on browsing forms.
  • MDM-14987: Custom translations are not supported for the My Task interface.
  • MDM-14988: Special characters are not encoded correctly when incorporated through a SemQL custom parameter in an email subject line configured within the properties of the Send Email workflow automation.
  • MDM-15091: When attempting to edit the value of a hyperlink field in an authoring form and intervene in the middle of a URL, the cursor unexpectedly jumps to the end of the edit box upon typing.
  • MDM-15105: When validations are disabled for a reference relationship and a record contains a broken reference, the corresponding form field’s Value tab displays <null> instead of the expected value indicating the broken reference.
  • MDM-15151: Attempting to override a reference on a record that originates from a fuzzy- or ID-matched entity within a workflow’s user task causes the subsequent Submit Data automation step to fail with a PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar error.
  • MDM-15152: When testing REST APIs set up in Semarchy xDM REST clients to receive data from an external API, an unexpected error occurs due to misconfigurations in the JSONPath library.
  • MDM-15167: When creating a dashboard, despite successful completion, an unexpected error page appears within the Dashboard Builder with no corresponding entry in the PDE log.

The Docker image and the Azure Solution Template will be updated to this version in the following days.

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