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How to create 2 golden records from matched 2 master records nconditionally?


We are loading the data through the rest API and embedded application UI.

When we are sending the data through the REST API, for specific users, I want to run the matcher, and if 2 master records are found, create 2 golden records and for few other users, if 2 master records are found, merge them and create 1 gold record.

i.e I am creating 2 master records 

1. In some cases I want to create 2 golden records of the same

2. In some cases I want to merge and create 1 golden record with latest master record given precedence(using ranking expression in survivorship rule).

Point 2 is already done in our model but we would like to achieve 1 where in some cases if we are creating 2 master records, we shouldn't merge and create 2 golden records. 

How can we achieve Point 1?


Manoj Kumar

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Hi Manoj.

To achieve the objective #1, it can be achieved by adding and specifying :V_USERNAME variable in match rule's SemQL expression , which means it will execute the match rule only when the :V_USERNAME defined in match rule matches with "SubmitAS" value in RestAPI. Here I used semadmin as the user to execute this match rule.

see screenshot:


 For other users this rule won't be executed. But there will be some limitations, please refer to explanation below:

For example:

1.)  2 records (A and B) with same Email ( are pushed to xDM using RestAPI from semadmin user, they will be combined and create 1 golden record.


2. )  Another record (C) with Email ( is pushed from a user other than semadmin, will create a new golden record rather than getting merged with golden record created in 1.)


3.) Now, if a new record (D) with Email ( is pushed from semadmin , which executes the match rule will merge records (A,B,C,D) and form a single golden record.


Objective 1 can only be achieved if the record processed by some other user falling in match rule won't be processed by semadmin to execute the match rule and link all records together.



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