Semarchy xDM 2023.1.5 (LTS) is available!

Hello Team,

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2023.1.5 lts.  

You can read the release notes (2023.1.5) for the list of issues.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-14406: Basic entities golden references to fuzzy-matched entities are temporarily reset to null in GD tables during the certification process. To fix this issue, the model must be re-deployed after applying this patch.

  • MDM-14421: Workflow startup and transition dialogs show max. attachment file size in MB instead of KB.

  • MDM-14480: SemQL Enrichers expressions containing complex attributes cause the Certify REST API to fail with a org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar error.

  • MDM-14512: Workflow instance fails to proceed past parallel block when two branches complete simultaneously.

  • MDM-14514: REST API calls raise a java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot create a session after the response has been committed error in the logs when the logger is set to DEBUG level.

  • MDM-14587: When nullifying the child references to a record from a self-referencing entity that is soft-deleted in a load, the certification process may revive the record previously flagged for deletion.

The offers on Docker, AWS, Azure, and GCP will be updated to this version in the following days.

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