Semarchy xDM 2023.1.4 (LTS) is available!

Hello Team,

We have released today on this patch for Semarchy xDM 2023.1 (LTS).

You can read the release notes (2023.1.4).

New Features

  • MDM-6474: Row level security is now supported when accessing data from the SE, AE, GX, GE, or MS views. At run-time, xDM automatically ignores the conditions from model privileges grant filters that use one or several unavailable attributes in the current view. A new system property is available and must be set to true to disable this behavior and keep model privileges grant filters unmodified.

Bug Fixes

  • MDM-13876: HTTP connections are not closed by REST data notifications.

  • MDM-14164: File upload security enhancement.

  • MDM-14166: Collection columns and browsing form fields show an empty value if their value expression returns data from SE, AE, GX, GE, or MS views and if a row-level filter is defined in model privileges grants for a role of the connected user. See MDM-6474 (New Features).

  • MDM-14407: Third-party module upgrade: Apache Tomcat for xDM Preconfigured.

  • MDM-14315: The task list in My Tasks is not refreshed correctly after selecting a workflow transition or closing a stepper.

  • MDM-14355: With ID-matched entities, the absence of publisher ID for referenced records causes components such as browsing, named queries, enrichers, and validations to fetch incorrect references when several master records have the same ID with different publishers. A new -Dmdm.dataaccess.resolveIDMatchedRefsWithSamePubId system property allows bypassing this limitation by forcing the publisher ID to the same value as the child record’s. This property is set to false by default and must be set to true to enable this behavior.

  • MDM-14399: Attribute values of type Date set in a workflow user task are not persisted after triggering a transition requiring stepper completion.

  • MDM-14404: The certification endpoint raises an Unexpected Error when using an enricher with a filter on an FID attribute.

  • MDM-14420: Duplicate email notifications are sent on workflow user task assignment.

  • MDM-14470: REST client authentication combining basic authentication and a custom header fails with a 401 HTTP response status code.

The offers on Docker and Azure (Solution Template) will be updated to this version in the following days.

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