xDM 2023.3.0 (Mainstream Support release) is available!

We have just released Semarchy xDM 2023.3.0 (Mainstream Support release) on semarchy.com.

  • Application designers can now configure a new Wait Dialog to provide more flexibility in the application user experience for data authoring or duplicate management actions. Users can wait for the certification process to finish, at which point the page automatically refreshes. Or they can choose to have the process run in the background, allowing them to continue working on other tasks while the process runs.

  • The Workflow Email Automation step allows designers to go beyond simply notifying users when a task needs completing. They can now use SemQL to create data-driven emails to communicate across the organization regarding any aspect of a workflow and its (meta)data.

  • Multi-Record Workflows are now also possible, starting from either an empty list or a selection of records.

You can download the software and view the release notes through these hyperlinks. Thank you for being a valued part of the Semarchy community. 

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