xDM 2023.2.0 is available!

We have just released on semarchy.com  Semarchy xDM 2023.2.0 (Mainstream Support release).

  • With the introduction of the Workflow Administration UI, data stewards and workflow administrators will be able to control workflow and step behavior (release, reassign, or relaunch tasks, kill a workflow …) directly through the application, as well as improved end-to-end visibility of their workflows
  • The Microsoft Azure Purview Connector synchronizes Semarchy metadata (data locations, entities, attributes, and relationships) with Microsoft Purview’s data catalog, creating links between these logical assets and their corresponding physical assets (GD, SD, tables etc. and their columns) tracing data lineage via the xDM certification process. 
  • Java 17 is now supported in xDM 2023.2.

Here is where you can download the software and view the release notes. Thank you for being a valued part of the Semarchy community.

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