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[2023.1] Breaking change on default pooling behaviour for JDBC databases

Before 2023.1.0, the runtime customization file called 'engineParameters.xml' defined an "enableConnectionPoolForJdbcDatabases" by default to "false".
Therefore, the default behaviour for runtime connections to  JDBC databases is NON-pooling.

Starting from 2023.1.0, there is no more "enableConnectionPoolForJdbcDatabases" parameter in the 'engineParameters.xml' runtime file (see

The pooling behaviour is supposed to be set from metadata, and pooling is enabled by default.

As a consequence, upgrading to 2023.1, if you didn't use connection pooling in your previous version, then you may encounter connection error such as

"HikariPool-3 - Connection is not available, request timed out after 100005ms."

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In this case, try to uncheck the 'Enable Connection Pooling' property on your metadata, and try to re-publish and re-test your process or mapping

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