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We embedding Semarchy into Salesforce. Our goal is to create all customer's contacts by using semarchy's AuthoringForm. We would like to create button "Create contact" in Salesforce which would redirect user to semarchy's AuthroringForm under specific customer. Now user has to first navigate and click 'Create' before he/she can create contact. Is it possible to configure Semarchy's URL to point ContactAuthroringForm under specific Customer?

Training & Solutions Architect at Semarchy

Hi Valtteri

When you know the ID of a Contact, of course, the URL string does contain a ContactID to view the particular Contact in a browsing form. The user still has to click on 'Create' or 'Edit' to perform an authoring action. 

On an authoring form in Edit mode,  the URL string will no longer contain the ContactID, instead it holds the LoadID but not the ContactID. Therefore, I don't think that this is possible.

Regards, Peter

That ID in URL was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks Peter!